Payment is due at time of service. No exceptions. Mobile Grooming by Roderick accepts Cash or Check or Credit Cards (refer to separate Pricing sheet for cost of services). There is a $30 fee in addition to the total sale for returned/NSF checks.  In the event of a returned check, you will then go to a cash only basis.

The safety of each pet and groomer is Mobile Grooming by Roderick’s number one concern.  If we feel the well-being of your pet or the groomer is jeopardized, the use of muzzles, slings, additional leads, e-collars, etc. will be utilized or services will be discontinued or refused.  Grooming services will be stopped if deemed necessary for the safety of pet or groomer and a $65 trip fee or $60 per hour groom fee, whichever is greater, will be charged.

Mobile Grooming by Roderick follows strict guidelines regarding the health and safety of pets.  Mobile Grooming by Roderick is not liable for any pre-existing medical condition that may become exacerbated as a result of the grooming process.  In the event of an emergency, every attempt will be made to contact you, the owner.  If contact is unable to be made, you designate Mobile Grooming by Roderick as an agent to seek proper medical attention for your pet at your expense.

Your pet’s health and the health of other pets are very important to us; they have days just like we do where they just do not feel their best.  Please reschedule your appointment if your pet is experiencing a chronic cough, vomiting, or diarrhea.  Any of these symptoms may indicate a serious and/or contagious health concern.  Please     contact your veterinarian if your pet is experiencing those conditions.   For the health and protection of other pets, any pet exhibiting any of these symptoms will not be groomed.

Mobile Grooming by Roderick reserves the right to refuse service if your pet is suspected of a contagious disease until a veterinarian’s release, stating that the pet is no longer infected, is obtained.

Mobile Grooming by Roderick is not liable for allergic reactions resulting from the manufacturer recommended usage of grooming products.  Please consult with your veterinarian regarding product concerns.  Scented shampoos, conditioners, creme rinses, sprays and colognes are used.  Latex bands are also used in our bows.  Please inform us if you or your pet is allergic.  Unscented products are available.

Mobile Grooming by Roderick requires that each pet’s vaccines are current.  A titer test or a note from your veterinarian is also acceptable.  It is still possible for vaccinated pets to become ill despite being vaccinated.  This is not due to any circumstances or conditions in our mobile grooming salon.  If you have questions regarding vaccinations, please contact your veterinarian.  Mobile Grooming by Roderick will not be held liable in the event your pet becomes ill with an infectious condition during or after their appointment.  Pets must be current on rabies.  Once a pet is over one year of age, we require them to have the rabies vaccine done every three years.

In the event that you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, please notify Mobile Grooming by Roderick at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment.  You may do so by phone or email.  Failure to notify Mobile Grooming by Roderick 24 hours in advance will result in a cancellation fee equal to half of the regular grooming charges, which must be paid prior to your next appointment.

Mobile grooming is designed to be a stress free experience performed on a regular basis to prevent matting.  Pets whose coats have become matted or tangled are often denied proper circulation and skin stimulation.  This may lead to numerous health problems including:  itching, irritation, skin infections, sores, hematomas and more.  Coat and skin in this condition increases the chance of greater irritation or being nicked during grooming.  It also causes stress and discomfort to your pet.  Mobile Grooming by Roderick will take every precaution to minimize the effects of de-tangling and de-matting including shaving or clipping out matting.  Mobile Grooming by Roderick will not be held liable for any skin issue that resulted following coat removal or de-matting due to neglected or improperly cared for coats.  Any veterinary care obtained will be at the pet owner’s expense.  We reserve the right to refuse to de-mat a pet unless we deem the pet can tolerate the process and it can be done safely and humanely.  Mobile Grooming by Roderick will shave any pet’s coat if deemed necessary for its own health and safety.  De-matting and excessive undercoat removal which can be safely removed without causing discomfort to the pet will be charged an additional rate.  If the coat requires shaving and takes additional time to shave, an additional rate may also be applied.


Thick, Double Coated Breeds
Current research shows that trimming short or shaving a ‘double coated’ or ‘fur-bearing’ dog can not only result in hair loss, but it can also result in one of many skin diseases.  A fur-bearing dog is one that has a coat that grows to a predetermined length such as golden retrievers, labrador retrievers, shetland sheepdogs, german shepherds, and pomeranians.  Clients that wish to shave down a fur-bearing dog for cosmetic purposes are strongly encouraged to reconsider.  At Mobile Grooming by Roderick, we will not cut the hair short or shave down a fur-bearing dog unless it is for a medical reason and with a written note from your veterinarian.  However, we would be happy to perform a shed-less treatment to reduce shedding or scissor stray hairs to neaten the coat.  If your pet requires a shave down due to matting, a waiver signed by the owner will be used as a substitute for a note from a veterinarian.

Wire Coated Breeds
Wire coated dogs such as schnauzers, west highland terriers, and scottish terriers often get oily bumps on their skin.  This is often due to the hair collapsing back into the follicle and clogging the follicle, which occurs when the dog has been shaved too short.  At Mobile Grooming by Roderick, we will not shave these breeds all the way down to the skin unless it is due to heavy matting or for a medical reason and with a written note from your veterinarian.  However, we would be happy to take the coat down to a very short, velvety or short and fluffy length.

Sensitivity to Shaving
Some pets are hyper sensitive to being shaved down close to the skin.  This is especially common in light colored pets.  These pets may exhibit behaviors such as scooting, scratching, or licking directly following their groom.  At Mobile Grooming by Roderick every effort will be made to minimize the effects of being shaved down.  If any of these reactions occur, please notify Mobile Grooming by Roderick.  During any further grooming appointments, we will leave the coat at a longer length to avoid further reactions.  Any veterinary care obtained will be at the pet owner’s expense.

It is more beneficial for your pet to have their anal sacs expressed internally, under the supervision of a veterinarian.  At Mobile Grooming by Roderick we will only express your pet’s anal glands externally and only upon request.  An anal gland expression fee will be added to the regular grooming charges.  Owners that wish to have their pet’s anal sacs expressed with Mobile Grooming by Roderick must sign a waiver before their groom.  Please refer to the services and pricing page of our website for current pricing.

Fleas and ticks are carriers of many diseases and will not be tolerated.  If fleas or ticks are found on your pet(s), a flea & tick bath will be given to ensure the mobile salon is parasite free for the next pet.  An additional fee will be added to the regular grooming charges.   Be advised not every spot on treatment repels fleas and ticks. Consult with your veterinarian for proper treatment regarding your pet.  We will pick up to 5 ticks off the pet.  There will be a per tick charge beyond 5.

Mobile Grooming by Roderick reserves the right to take photos of your pet before, during, or after grooming for the sole purpose of education, promotions, advertising, and web site use.

Mobile Grooming by Roderick is willing to use customer provided products, such as shampoos and conditioners, as long as they are products specifically designed for pets.  Products must be labeled safe to use on your specific species of animal.  However, due to the additional time required with using customer provided products, no discount will be offered for their use.  If a conditioner is provided, due to additional application and drying time associated with using a conditioner, an additional fee will be added to the regular grooming charge.  If a medicated shampoo is provided that requires a soaking time, a per minute fee will be charged in addition to the regular grooming fee.  Please refer to the services and pricing page of our website for current pricing.

There may be conditions arise that will result in an appointment needing to be rescheduled.  Conditions may include, but are not limited to:  deteriorated weather conditions, equipment failure, etc.  Mobile Grooming by Roderick will not travel in high wind advisory or other dangerous weather conditions.  If conditions improve and it is safe to travel, we will arrive on a delayed schedule.   You will not be held liable for any charges due to Mobile Grooming by Roderick rescheduling an appointment due to any of these conditions.

Mobile Grooming by Roderick will not be held liable for any damage to your home, property, lawn/yard while on the service call for grooming your pet(s).

As the owner or caregiver, you may authorize Mobile Grooming by Roderick to perform scheduled grooming appointments while you are away from your home or property.  In the case a key, garage door opener, or any other access to your home is left or given, Mobile Grooming by Roderick will not be held liable in the event any damages or theft to your property occur.

A signed policy will remain on file for as long as Mobile Grooming by Roderick provides grooming services for your pet(s).